Recognition and Documentation of Modern Movement Landscapes in Asia

The Docomomo International Specialist Committee on Urbanism & Landscape (Docomomo ISC/U+Lpublished the Conference Proceedings on “Inventorisation of Modern Heritage – Urbanism and Landscape” which took place at the Edinburgh Collage of Art on 13 March 2014.

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The proceedings include an article by Jan Haenraets on ‘Recognition and Documentation of Modern Movement Landscapes in Asia’, which is now also available HERE.

The same article, as published in the Proceedings, is also available as a pdf under this LINK (1.7 MB), with the full Conference e-Proceedings available HERE (incl. 9 papers, the conference introduction & pamphlet).

Abstract for the article by Jan Haenraets on Recognition and Documentation of Modern Movement Landscapes in Asia:

The paper reflects on landscapes of the modern movement and their documentation, inventorisation and recognition, given that the theme for next year’s DOCOMOMO International conference in Seoul in 2014 is ‘Expansion and Conflict’, with ‘Landscapes and Urbanism’ and ‘Conservation’ being important sub-themes. During the rapid expansion in the twentieth century in Asia, conflict not only occurred between new imported methods and local traditions, but also between the expansion of our cities and local landscape. With at present many efforts occurring in Asia to address the urban development shortcomings, the significance of documenting and inventorisation, and understanding the values of the modern movement landscapes and their possible contributions towards increasing the lifestyle quality is needed. Examples from Korea that will be given include the Cheonggyecheon River rehabilitation and the creation of Seonyudo Park, both located in Seoul.

Designed landscapes are a significant part of the modern movement but nevertheless receive limited attention, this not only in ongoing efforts to improve cities’ lifestyle quality, but also within activities by DOCOMOMO International and its national working groups. The paper highlights the importance of such landscapes and makes suggestions for actions that could be undertaken by DOCOMOMO, to help increase the understanding and awareness in Asia of the values of these landscapes. A suggestion that is highlighted is systematic identification and the preparation of inventories of modern movement landscapes in Asia.

Harlow Water Gardens, UK, 2006 by Jan Haenraets

Figure. The relocated Water Gardens, Harlow New Town. Image courtesy of Jan Haenraets, 2006.

For the full article click HERE.

Text and Photographs by Jan Haenraets

Jan Haenraets is a Director of Atelier Anonymous Landscapes Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is a member of Docomomo Scotland and the Docomomo International Scientific Committee on Urbanism and Landscapes of Docomomo International.

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