Category: Urban planning

Liveable Cities’ Liaison with Heritage and Open Spaces

Annual surveys and lists of ‘World’s most liveable cities’ each differ but there are some clear trends from which interesting lessons can be learned. These ‘World’s most liveable cities’ surveys indicate for instance how heritage, nature and qualitative open spaces are key factors in making cities healthy environments for living. This brief article wonders how a reconnection …

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An Intimate Engagement with Nature – Toronto’s Waterfront Revitalisation

The new issue of Landscapes|Paysages, The Canadian Society of Landscape Architects’ journal, is a themed issue on Urban Design and has an article about Toronto’s Waterfront’s revitalisation by Atelier Anonymous (with Ariel Vernon, Alyssa Schwann and Jan Haenraets). Toronto’s efforts are an informing example of how waterfront cities can become more  liveable and sustainable cities by revisiting their natural settings …

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Seoul as Landscape System

Wybe Kuitert analyses in this article how the early historical settlement and development of Seoul, which started in the 1390s, had a strong connection with the natural landscape, and how this is still readable in the landscape. Particularly Seoul’s rolling hills were favourable and secure places to live. In contrast many water-induced areas and flood …

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