Category: Nature Reserves

Busking at Iguazu Falls, Argentina (Music Video)

My favourite chant at the Iguazu Falls, on the Argentine side, by a troupe of local buskers. They were jolly, but visibly tired at the end of a warm day. Visiting the Iguazu Falls, experiencing the scale of the falls and cataracts and the thundering sounds, together with the natural setting of the subtropical Alto Paraná Atlantic forest, is …

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Island Hopping on the Shinan Islands, South Korea

The Shinan Islands – or the ‘1,004 Islands’ – are located in the southwest of South Korea, in Sinan County (Sinan-gun), which is a part of the South Jeolla Province. In the fall, as tourism slows down on the islands, the harvest season sets in. It becomes a wonderful contemplative environment during that time, with a …

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De Maten, Belgium – From Historic Fish Ponds to Nature Reserve

De Maten in the Province of Limburg in Belgium is a nature reserve of about 5 sq. km (536.00 ha), and man-made cultural landscape. De Maten is a protected and listed landscape since 1975 and is located within the boundaries of the towns of Genk and Diepenbeek. Centuries ago over 35 fish ponds were created by damming the local burns, including the ‘Stiemersbeek’ …

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